Spooky Trend

When planning a trip to Prague, I was intrigued by a story I had seen on the “Church of Bones”. A little creepy, perhaps; a little out of the box, definitely! However, I knew I had to see it for myself.  A short train ride to an obscure looking church in Kunta Hora, Czech Republic and we stood outside the Sedlec Ossuary. Nothing particularly notable about the exterior but step inside and you certainly notice something special.

Church of Bones

Church of Bones

Sedlec was originally a place of burial. During the …

Vacation Inspiration

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I held my camera constantly by my side.  Never knowing where inspiration mind find it’s place, I could not help but snap away.  Between the birds, scenery and great friends, there was inspiration everywhere.  I was drawn to the serenity of these beautiful cairns along the Paquare River just outside our lodge.  And while resourcing window treatments for a client today, I could not help but notice these accessories at the Wesco Showroom and a smile came across my face as I …