Confused, frustrated, have no idea where to begin…I am sure you know someone whether your sister, neighbor, mother-in-law, or friend who knows how to decorate or maybe has a knack for color.  So why would you hire a Qualified Professional Interior Designer?  The answer is simple: You need a TEAM.

TEAM project for Denver Life Showhouse to benefit the Kempe Foundation

TEAM project for Denver Life Showhouse to benefit the Kempe Foundation

  • Time: This is your most precious resource.  It’s nonrenewable, not recyclable, and you can’t buy or sell it.  By hiring a designer to manage the design process for you, just think of all the other ways you could spend your time.  Think of an interior designer as your own personal shopper, advocate, and business partner.  Designers will seek out the materials and fixtures that fit you and your lifestyle, handle the paperwork of ordering, tracking, shipping, coordinate the overall project goals and final design implementation, act as the liaison between the architect, builder, and other team members.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your time laughing with your friends, connecting with your family, or enjoying a few moments of silence alone? 
  • Experience: Be it through education, experience, or better yet both, a designer is trained to handle any design challenge.  They understand the elements and principles of design and know how to apply them.  Designers will create in interior space with well balanced décor, furniture that is appropriately scaled for your house, finish combinations that flow from room to room, shapes and textures pleasing to the eye and touch.  A desire for decorating should be no substitute for interior design expertise.
  • Access: With a virtually unlimited number of resources available, designers will help narrow the search to those resources most appropriate for you and your home.  Designers have access to project appropriate showrooms and designer only showrooms where more unique and less common items can be found.   Designer can make sure you have the proper materials specified for each location, sustainable finishes and furnishings as desired, as well as explain the proper maintenance to keep your home looking it’s best. 
  • Money: Think of your designer as an investment.  Like a savings account, you want the highest interest rate and greatest return.  A well designed house will last longer, sell faster and with a higher dollar value than one with mediocre appeal. A qualified professional interior designer will work with your taste and within your budget to create the home you desire for the best value. 

Contact JJ Interiors to help you with your project and to be part of your TEAM!

Please enjoy our third annual Holiday Design Poem! Follow along to the tune of “Santa Baby”.

Builder Bradley–Please Finish My Remodel Tonight

Builder Bradley, just slipper tub my bathroom
For me
Been an awful long time
Builder Baby, please finish my remodel tonight
Builder Bradley, a 24” dishwasher too
Brand new
I’ll leave a key for you here
Builder Bradley, please finish my remodel tonight
Think of all the mess you’ve made
Think of all the subcontractors paid
Next week I could furnish this place
If you’ll check off my long punch list
Builder Bradley, I thank you a lot and really think we have a wonderful spot
Builder Bradley, please finish my remodel tonight
Builder Bradley, one thing that I really need is paint
Don’t wait
Please hurry up my remodel tonight
The designer is coming next week
With furniture to furnish my penthouse suite
I really do believe in you
Let’s see if you can deliver for me
Builder Bradley, forgot to mention one little thing
Your team
Has been so great to work with
Builder Bradley, so finish my remodel tonight
Please finish my remodel tonight
Yes, tonight!

The Art of Accessorizing

Many clients come to JJ Interiors to achieve results that look like they came out of a magazine or select completed projects they love from our portfolio and want their home to feel the same way.  During the course of a project, we might spend months selecting finishes that will last and look timeless, we might spend months selecting and installing furnishings and window treatments that are stylish and comfortable.  But when it all comes together, one of the key elements to creating the complete, finished space is the “jewelry” of room…the art and accessories. Simple and Elegant Accessories

It is worth the special attention paid to hang art in the proper location, and thoughtfully mingle new accessories with items collected over time.  These finishing touches add personality and character that a simple sofa may not be able to provide to a room.  Books of places that you have been or want to go, photos of your beautiful family and friends, or a kooky piece of art that you bought at the street fair just because it made you laugh can all inspire you in your completed room or home.

When planning ahead, consider important pieces that need priority.  You can use that colorful canvas you bought from the artist at their studio in Santa Fe to build the color scheme for the room.  Make sure you have the proper lighting to showcase the art so it stands out and looks its best.  Allow room in your budget for the quality and quantity that is necessary to fill where needed.  Each flat surface may be calling out for something special to decorate its top and bookcases often require more than you think you need.  Give yourself room to expand, especially if you are collector or connoisseur and don’t be afraid to try more than one arrangement.  Balance and harmony may not be achieved in the first try so you might need to shift things around until it feels right.    

If you enjoy doing it yourself, set aside time to do it right and look around.  If you prefer some help, with resources for budget minded clients to more unique and one of a kind items, we can work with you to help achieve the finished space you desire.

Find that Winning Piece of Upholstery

When it comes to upholstered furniture, you most often get what you pay for.  However, you must look beyond the fabric and really dig deeper to understand if it’s worth the investment.  With the Summer Olympics coming up, my competitive nature is wound up and I am inspired to share with you some simple things to look for when searching for that “winning” piece of furniture. 

Gold Medal:  Frame should be constructed of solid hardwood with tight graining that has been kiln dried.  Kiln drying removes access moisture and minimizes movement of the wood throughout the life of the furniture.  Joints should be glued, screwed (never nailed) and blocked or dowelled at the joints to provide more rigid support.   Eight-way hand-tied is the highest standard for spring supports in the seat deck.  Each spring is tied together (eight ways) to ensure little movement and less sagging and shifting and the coils vary in gauge to offer the best support.  Back supports are often constructed with a Marshall unit where the springs are individually pocketed in muslin.  Cushions themselves vary widely depending on the softness or resiliency you are seeking.  High density foams, spring down, feather and down wrapped foam, and all down/feather are common.  Keep in mind that each cushion provides a different level of comfort, support, and maintenance.  Typically, this level of furniture will feel heavy in weight due to the quality of materials and craftsmanship provided to make a piece that will last.   

Silver Medal:  Sinuous springs also called no-sag springs are made of heavy gauge steel in the form of a continuous “S” shape.  Sinuous springs move up and down only and provide a more firm “sit”.  This spring system is often used in more contemporary furniture where a lower profile is desired.  Frames are oftentimes made of the same quality materials though the techniques may not be as complete for providing support—screwing in corner blocking instead of gluing as well or using staples instead of screws. 

Bronze Medal:  Manufactured drop-in springs or pre-fabricated units are simply dropped into the frame and fastened in place.  Different from the eight-way hand tie in that the coils are the same gauge offering less support and can often squeak over time due to more metal-to-metal contact.  If you see lumpy padding or cushions and if you can feel the wood frame through the cushion or fabric, the frame is not properly protected and is a sign of inferior craftsmanship.  Beware of particle board, fiberboard or vague statements such as “finest materials” or “hand-built” that do not actually provide you with information on the quality of product used to make the furniture.  Inferior techniques are also used to build this furniture and the furniture is not built to last.

Keep in mind, that the Gold Medal is not always the best choice for every project.  It is important to understand what you want to get out of the furniture (2, 6, or 20 years?) and how much you are willing to invest.  Knowing what you are paying for is the key to making the best choice.   

First Annual Holiday Design Poem

‘Twas the Night Before Demolition

‘Twas the night before demo, when all through the house
not one of us was ready, including my spouse.
We worked through the night and cleared our things out
‘til nothing was left but the bulbs that burned out
The next morning we rose, things couldn’t look bleaker.
I can’t find my keys and I’ve lost my sneakers.
The contractor’s here, my hair is a mess,
there’s dust everywhere, and I can’t zip my dress.
Now, days have gone by and things have progressed.
I did not prepare for being depressed.
The kids’ height chart was gone and dried Elmer’s glue,
the spaghetti stained wall, the hole from the shoe. 
Soon weeks have flown by with nothing to show.
I just hired someone who I trust and who knows
this has to get done. We needed a plan
from the beginning, a true point woman. 
Our designer is here to move things along
to help pick out pieces that truly belong.
The budget’s in place, the schedule is on,
no more missteps because things went wrong.

In Viking, in Meile, in Sub Zero too!
In Kohler, in Blanco, and lighting brand new!
In Wm Ohs cabinets, In Caesarstone slab!
When this is all over, I sure will be glad!
We decided to move ‘til the project was done.
Our designer took over and made it more fun.
The contractor is great and our designer is too.
I’m amazed how quickly things went from bad to new!
Soon the house will be cleaned and we can move back.
We will have our home and lives back on track.
Tomorrow is here and we get to see
our new custom kitchen designed to a T.
It’s all I expected and even more.
I can’t even tell there was a hole in the floor.
The walls are all patched and painted light green.
It looks great with the cabinets, perfect, pristine. 
My sadness is gone, my fear of change
replaced by excitement and my new range.
The backsplash is in and countertops too
new memories to be made, I Iove it!  Woo Hoo!
Now, years have gone by and four projects later
glad I hired a designer, boy what a savior.
We love what she’s done, how easy it was
To create us a space so it reflects us.
If you need to remodel or build anew,
have a room to design or maybe even two.
Call a professional not just someone near
Call a designer from JJ Interiors!