Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space Just Right for You

Summer is Here!  If you are still wondering how to choose among the furniture options for your outdoor living space, here are a few different types that may help guide you in your decision:

Cast Aluminum: molten metal that is poured into a mold to form individual pieces (seats, backs, arms, or legs), then welded together.  The furniture may then be powder coated to create a durable, lasting finish. 

Wrought Aluminum: Extremely durable product that is made of molded aluminum that is shaped with a combination of …

Please enjoy our third annual Holiday Design Poem! Follow along to the tune of “Santa Baby”.

Builder Bradley–Please Finish My Remodel Tonight

Builder Bradley, just slipper tub my bathroom
For me
Been an awful long time
Builder Baby, please finish my remodel tonight
Builder Bradley, a 24” dishwasher too
Brand new
I’ll leave a key for you here
Builder Bradley, please finish my remodel tonight
Think of all the mess you’ve made
Think of all the subcontractors paid
Next week I could furnish this place
If you’ll check off my long punch list
Builder Bradley, I thank you a lot and really think we have a wonderful spot
Builder Bradley, please finish my remodel tonight
Builder Bradley, one thing that I really need is paint
Don’t wait
Please hurry up my remodel tonight
The designer is coming next week
With furniture to furnish my penthouse suite
I really do believe in you
Let’s see if you can deliver for me
Builder Bradley, forgot to mention one little thing
Your team
Has been so great to work with
Builder Bradley, so finish my remodel tonight
Please finish my remodel tonight
Yes, tonight!

First Annual Holiday Design Poem

‘Twas the Night Before Demolition

‘Twas the night before demo, when all through the house
not one of us was ready, including my spouse.
We worked through the night and cleared our things out
‘til nothing was left but the bulbs that burned out
The next morning we rose, things couldn’t look bleaker.
I can’t find my keys and I’ve lost my sneakers.
The contractor’s here, my hair is a mess,
there’s dust everywhere, and I can’t zip my dress.
Now, days have gone by and things have progressed.
I did not prepare for being depressed.
The kids’ height chart was gone and dried Elmer’s glue,
the spaghetti stained wall, the hole from the shoe. 
Soon weeks have flown by with nothing to show.
I just hired someone who I trust and who knows
this has to get done. We needed a plan
from the beginning, a true point woman. 
Our designer is here to move things along
to help pick out pieces that truly belong.
The budget’s in place, the schedule is on,
no more missteps because things went wrong.

In Viking, in Meile, in Sub Zero too!
In Kohler, in Blanco, and lighting brand new!
In Wm Ohs cabinets, In Caesarstone slab!
When this is all over, I sure will be glad!
We decided to move ‘til the project was done.
Our designer took over and made it more fun.
The contractor is great and our designer is too.
I’m amazed how quickly things went from bad to new!
Soon the house will be cleaned and we can move back.
We will have our home and lives back on track.
Tomorrow is here and we get to see
our new custom kitchen designed to a T.
It’s all I expected and even more.
I can’t even tell there was a hole in the floor.
The walls are all patched and painted light green.
It looks great with the cabinets, perfect, pristine. 
My sadness is gone, my fear of change
replaced by excitement and my new range.
The backsplash is in and countertops too
new memories to be made, I Iove it!  Woo Hoo!
Now, years have gone by and four projects later
glad I hired a designer, boy what a savior.
We love what she’s done, how easy it was
To create us a space so it reflects us.
If you need to remodel or build anew,
have a room to design or maybe even two.
Call a professional not just someone near
Call a designer from JJ Interiors!