Confused, frustrated, have no idea where to begin…I am sure you know someone whether your sister, neighbor, mother-in-law, or friend who knows how to decorate or maybe has a knack for color.  So why would you hire a Qualified Professional Interior Designer?  The answer is simple: You need a TEAM.

TEAM project for Denver Life Showhouse to benefit the Kempe Foundation

TEAM project for Denver Life Showhouse to benefit the Kempe Foundation

  • Time: This is your most precious resource.  It’s nonrenewable, not recyclable, and you can’t buy or sell it.  By hiring a designer to manage the design process for you, just think of all the other ways you could spend your time.  Think of an interior designer as your own personal shopper, advocate, and business partner.  Designers will seek out the materials and fixtures that fit you and your lifestyle, handle the paperwork of ordering, tracking, shipping, coordinate the overall project goals and final design implementation, act as the liaison between the architect, builder, and other team members.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your time laughing with your friends, connecting with your family, or enjoying a few moments of silence alone? 
  • Experience: Be it through education, experience, or better yet both, a designer is trained to handle any design challenge.  They understand the elements and principles of design and know how to apply them.  Designers will create in interior space with well balanced décor, furniture that is appropriately scaled for your house, finish combinations that flow from room to room, shapes and textures pleasing to the eye and touch.  A desire for decorating should be no substitute for interior design expertise.
  • Access: With a virtually unlimited number of resources available, designers will help narrow the search to those resources most appropriate for you and your home.  Designers have access to project appropriate showrooms and designer only showrooms where more unique and less common items can be found.   Designer can make sure you have the proper materials specified for each location, sustainable finishes and furnishings as desired, as well as explain the proper maintenance to keep your home looking it’s best. 
  • Money: Think of your designer as an investment.  Like a savings account, you want the highest interest rate and greatest return.  A well designed house will last longer, sell faster and with a higher dollar value than one with mediocre appeal. A qualified professional interior designer will work with your taste and within your budget to create the home you desire for the best value. 

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