March through April and Spring into a Fresh Look for your Home

You’ve survived the holidays, spring break with the kids, and tax time. Now it’s time to renew your energy and the out-of-date-out-of-style house that you once enjoyed.  A few tips to get you started…

  1. Paint like you see in color: A bold color on the walls can dramatically change the feel of a room. Brighten your space with “Coral Essence” or “Breath of Fresh Air” from Benjamin Moore.  Remember, paint is inexpensive and easy to change so don’t be afraid to do something different. 
  2. Talk to your walls: A strategically placed mirror can make the room appear larger.  It will reflect the light and create the illusion that the room continues beyond the wall on which it is hung.  Artwork can also create a focal point on an otherwise boring wall.  Invest in art from a gallery such as Walker Fine Art or by a local artist.  Quality art will last a lifetime and you’ll appreciate it more over time. 
  3. Frame the view: Open the windows to let in fresh air.  Replace your worn drab curtains with colorful side panels to maximize the view and light.  Select a pattern that has a touch of whimsy to lighten your spirit.  Schumacher has wonderful patterns and sustainable fabrics to choose from. 
  4. Accessories are like jewelry for your home: Clear glass vases with fresh flowers from your local farmer’s market or neighborhood florist will certainly cheer up a sad room.  Update your photos with pictures of your friends and family displayed in handmade frames from Novica
  5. Look at things from a different point of view:  Turn the sofa to face the window instead of the fireplace to take advantage of the view, move the chair from your bedroom into the family room for a great place to read, or splurge on a new table that is eye-catching and a great conversation piece. 
  6. Bring the indoors out: expand your living space with new patio furniture.  Consider a comfortable chaise to relax in the sun or a dining set where you and your family can enjoy a great meal. 

Still not sure how to begin…as we pass through March and April quickly approaches, you May need some help from JJ Interiors.

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