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When planning a trip to Prague, I was intrigued by a story I had seen on the “Church of Bones”. A little creepy, perhaps; a little out of the box, definitely! However, I knew I had to see it for myself.  A short train ride to an obscure looking church in Kunta Hora, Czech Republic and we stood outside the Sedlec Ossuary. Nothing particularly notable about the exterior but step inside and you certainly notice something special.

Church of Bones

Church of Bones

Sedlec was originally a place of burial. During the plague in Europe many of the dead were buried here and an Ossuary was constructed by a half blind monk in the 15th century. Later, the more than 40,000 bones were sanitized and organized by a local woodcarver, Frantisek Rint, into the argumentatively “beautiful” arrangement as seen today.

One of the most notable features is the central chandelier which contains at least one of every bone from the human body. Other macabre features include the bone candelabras, skull candleholders and the Schwarzenberg coat of arms. My favorite feature is the chandelier seen here.


If human bones are not your preferred decor, we have found several other interesting items that inspired us for this spooky trend…

Try the skull stone cufflinks from Alexander McQueen, skull appetizer plates from cb2, shop mudpuppy on etsy for a variety of skull accessories.  Shop the Remains Collection from Thomas Fuchs, find the pillow here at the Edelman Showroom, or find the chair below at Moda Antica. 

Skull Pillow  

Have fun this Halloween and contact JJ Interiors to help you find and incorporate this cool trend into your interior design!


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