Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space Just Right for You

Summer is Here!  If you are still wondering how to choose among the furniture options for your outdoor living space, here are a few different types that may help guide you in your decision:

Cast Aluminum: molten metal that is poured into a mold to form individual pieces (seats, backs, arms, or legs), then welded together.  The furniture may then be powder coated to create a durable, lasting finish. 

Wrought Aluminum: Extremely durable product that is made of molded aluminum that is shaped with a combination of high heat and hammered with tools.  The heavy weight makes this great for installations where winds are high. 

Extruded Aluminum: A light weight product that is made by forcing aluminum stock through dies (similar to dough being extruded through a pasta machine) and welded together.  Look for full circumference welds rather than spot welds for a more stable joint. 

Wrought Iron: Similar to wrought aluminum, though the low carbon content of the iron helps to give wrought iron a “grain”, resembling the look of wood. 

Teak Wood: A durable wood that naturally weathers to a rich, gray.  Teak wood is water resistant, making it a good material even for ship decks, such as on the USS Arizona (now sunken off the coast of Maui).

Wicker: Resin wicker is great for outdoors and, when UV protected, is resistant to significant fading or color changes.  The overall appearance tends to be more casual and relaxed. Natural wicker should only be used indoors or on an enclosed patio. 

Special Considerations: Living in Colorado can be harsh on your outdoor living space, due to the extreme sun, rain, snow, and varying temperatures.  Consider moving your furniture indoors during the harsh seasons or investing in appropriate coverings for your furniture to get the longest life out of your investment.

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