design process



We will determine the scope of work by interviewing you and then helping you assess your specific needs and design goals. We recognize that successful home design requires extensive client input, and we will ensure your personal preferences and overall expectations are clearly understood.


We will work closely with you to establish a budget based on your design goals. We will also help you to prioritize your goals in accordance with your budget.

Space Planning

We will help you organize your living space to best suit your needs. We will help to determine the most efficient arrangement for room adjacencies and furnishings in order to maximize usable square footage and minimize space used for circulation. We will collaborate with your architect and builder to ensure the layout reflects your needs and your personal taste.

Interior Design

We will help you select furniture, decorative lighting, artwork, window treatments, and other accessories that suit your personal taste, meet your needs, and best serve your lifestyle.

Custom Furniture Design

We will design custom furniture and cabinetry to meet your exact needs. We will ensure your custom items have the color, texture, shape, and size most appropriate for your living space.

Purchasing and Follow-up

We will coordinate and track orders for interior design products, arrange for delivery of those products, and even take care of your shipping and warehousing needs.

Interior Finishes

We will select, design, and specify wall treatments, flooring, ceiling treatments, millwork, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and lighting fixtures to suit your needs.

Project Management and Coordination

We will work with you, your architect, and/or other consultants to ensure that your design goals are met during the construction phase of the project.


We will coordinate and supervise the installation of furniture, decorative lighting, artwork, window treatments, and other accessories.

Project Follow-up

We will consult with you to ensure every aspect of the project has fully satisfied your expectations and goals.