Spooky Trend- When planning a trip to Prague, I was intrigued by a story I had seen on the “Church of Bones”. A little creepy, perhaps; a little out of the box, definitely! However, I knew I had to see it for … Continue reading
Vacation Inspiration- On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I held my camera constantly by my side.  Never knowing where inspiration mind find it’s place, I could not help but snap away.  Between the birds, scenery and great friends, there was inspiration … Continue reading
Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space Just Right for You- Summer is Here!  If you are still wondering how to choose among the furniture options for your outdoor living space, here are a few different types that may help guide you in your decision: Cast Aluminum: molten metal that is … Continue reading
March through April and Spring into a Fresh Look for your Home- You’ve survived the holidays, spring break with the kids, and tax time. Now it’s time to renew your energy and the out-of-date-out-of-style house that you once enjoyed.  A few tips to get you started… Paint like you see in color: … Continue reading
STOP THE MADNESS!- Confused, frustrated, have no idea where to begin…I am sure you know someone whether your sister, neighbor, mother-in-law, or friend who knows how to decorate or maybe has a knack for color.  So why would you hire a Qualified Professional … Continue reading
Please enjoy our third annual Holiday Design Poem! Follow along to the tune of “Santa Baby”.- Builder Bradley–Please Finish My Remodel Tonight Builder Bradley, just slipper tub my bathroomFor meBeen an awful long timeBuilder Baby, please finish my remodel tonight Builder Bradley, a 24” dishwasher tooBrand newI’ll leave a key for you hereBuilder Bradley, please finish my … Continue reading
Pet Projects–Designing with your “best friend” in mind- Macy, our nine year old rescue dog, is definitely a lover of people.  Frequently in the office, and always under foot, I could not resist snapping this picture of her sleeping behind the curtains.  Of course it got me thinking … Continue reading
Confused by Hardwood?- How to make the right choice in hardwood flooring… After attending a class on hardwood flooring at T&G Flooring several weeks ago, it was clear to me that the spectrum of knowledge varies greatly and thus might be a good … Continue reading
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Our Second Annual Holiday Design Poem- We had so much fun last year, and your response was so fabulous, we thought we’d give it another go.  Enjoy this years’ poem to the tune of Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells–Designer Fun Walking through IkeaCan’t seem to find my … Continue reading