Pet Projects–Designing with your “best friend” in mind

Macy, our nine year old rescue dog, is definitely a lover of people.  Frequently in the office, and always under foot, I could not resist snapping this picture of her sleeping behind the curtains.  Of course it got me thinking about sharing our lives and home with our pets and the great ways we can improve their comfort and our own by integrating simple ideas into the design. 

Sweet Dreams: Pet beds provide your dog with a comfortable place to sleep and a place they can call their own.  However, if you have a fool-proof method for keeping them off the bed when you are away, please let me know.  Traditional dog beds are fine but how about a more interesting and decorative solution?  Match the covering fabric to your décor, custom design to coordinate with your modern or traditional style, or incorporate into furniture like these fun pieces from Modernist Cat.

Watering Hole: Consider where you feed your pets and include food, water, and dishes all in one place.  Incorporate a water spigot into your laundry room for easy refilling of water bowls.  Store food in pull out bins for easy refilling of food dishes.  If you have multiple pets with dietary constraints, trash/recycling bins can store foods separately.  Use a lower drawer with pet dishes integrated into the bottom and can be tucked away when not in use.

Shower Them With Love:  A floor level wash for larger dogs will make it easier for them to get in and out.  For smaller dogs, it may be helpful to have a shower closer to counter height so you don’t have to strain your back bending down.  Mount the shower head on an adjustable bar and you can raise and lower it to accommodate pets of all shapes and sizes. 

Chew Toys:  Keep your pets away from cords and cables.  Ensure your pets safety and secure all window treatment cords with butterfly cleats.  Many companies offer options that maintain the same cord length whether the shade is open or closed or even cordless options.  Hunter Douglas is one of the leading manufacturers and even offers motorized options.  Hide computer cables with conduit or cord concealers.  Your local office supply store or those that cater to the needs of the organized and orderly (like me) has some inexpensive and effective solutions.  

To Eat or Not To Eat:  Keep pets away from plants that are not good for their health.  The ASPCA has a helpful list of indoor and outdoor plants away from which to steer your pets.  Use repellants to deter them from eating your house plants and instead provide quick growing grasses for your cat to chew.  I’ve even resorted to cayenne pepper to keep my cat’s teeth away from the carpet.  It worked great and is non-toxic!

Most importantly, share in the joy and love your pet unconditionally.  I am nearly certain they provide more for us than we could ever give to them.  For assistance in designing a space personalized for your beloved pet, let us help you!