The Art of Accessorizing

Many clients come to JJ Interiors to achieve results that look like they came out of a magazine or select completed projects they love from our portfolio and want their home to feel the same way.  During the course of a project, we might spend months selecting finishes that will last and look timeless, we might spend months selecting and installing furnishings and window treatments that are stylish and comfortable.  But when it all comes together, one of the key elements to creating the complete, finished space is the “jewelry” of room…the art and accessories. Simple and Elegant Accessories

It is worth the special attention paid to hang art in the proper location, and thoughtfully mingle new accessories with items collected over time.  These finishing touches add personality and character that a simple sofa may not be able to provide to a room.  Books of places that you have been or want to go, photos of your beautiful family and friends, or a kooky piece of art that you bought at the street fair just because it made you laugh can all inspire you in your completed room or home.

When planning ahead, consider important pieces that need priority.  You can use that colorful canvas you bought from the artist at their studio in Santa Fe to build the color scheme for the room.  Make sure you have the proper lighting to showcase the art so it stands out and looks its best.  Allow room in your budget for the quality and quantity that is necessary to fill where needed.  Each flat surface may be calling out for something special to decorate its top and bookcases often require more than you think you need.  Give yourself room to expand, especially if you are collector or connoisseur and don’t be afraid to try more than one arrangement.  Balance and harmony may not be achieved in the first try so you might need to shift things around until it feels right.    

If you enjoy doing it yourself, set aside time to do it right and look around.  If you prefer some help, with resources for budget minded clients to more unique and one of a kind items, we can work with you to help achieve the finished space you desire.