Red, White, and Blue

On July 4th, red, white, and blue have come to symbolize the freedom and independence for the United States of America.  Throughout the rest of the year have you ever wondered why certain colors provoke a strong reaction?  The physiological and psychological effects that color has may surprise you.  When considering the design of your own home, look deeper than the surface. 

  • Red–evokes a sense of energy, passion, empowerment, and stimulation.  Can enhance appetite, raise blood pressure, or improve circulation.
  • Orange–promotes pleasure and enthusiasm.  Emotionally stimulating, sensuous, vibrant, and fun.  Symbolizes balance and warmth. 
  • Yellow–associated with clarity, optimism, and can improve concentration.  Is a symbol of friendship and spirituality.  Speeds metabolism.
  • Green–perceived as calming, reassuring, and natural.  Often associated with balance and healing, it is the “feel good” color.
  • Blue–promotes a reflective, intellectual, and calming atmosphere.  Can lower blood pressure and heart rate, as well as decrease appetite.
  • Violet–can promote a sense of spirituality, luxury, or mystery.  Psychologically rich, whimsical, and deeply satisfying.
  • White–represents purity, humility and innocence.  Aids mental clarity and promotes cleansing of clutter.  Symbolic of a safe and happy home.
  • Black–an indicator of power, associated with formality, unhappiness, and sophistication.  Evokes a sense of potential and possibility. 
  • Brown–speaks reliability and approachability.  Gives a sense of orderliness and wholesomeness.

Remember, there is more to color than meets the eye!