Chug a, chug a, chug a, Choo Choo

It seems as if the green train has taken off full speed ahead and many have not even had the chance to board.  If you are looking to remodel, update a few details, or build new, think about these simple yet effective ideas as you design your next project. 

Reduce: eliminate wasted space with a well designed floor plan.  You will appreciate a smaller footprint with functional rooms and great floor.  Lower your water consumption by using low flow faucets and dual flush toilets.  Increase your light output with LED light bulbs from Cree while at the same time reducing your energy bill. 

Reuse: Your sofa frame is in great shape but the fabric has seen better days.  Have a qualified upholsterer replace the cushions with soy based or natural latex foam.  Find your “Ideal Upholstery Fabric” containing hemp, ramie, linen, and organic cotton at O Eco Textiles.  Walla, your sofa is new again.

Recycle: If you buy new, buy recycled.  Each colorful patchwork bar stool from Uncommon Goods is one-of-a-kind; handmade in Georgia using reclaimed wood from old farmhouse moldings and beaded board.

Repurpose: Get creative.  Take your birdbath (that rarely has fresh water) and add a glass top for a unique side table.  That old sauna in your basement would make a great cedar-lined storage closet.  Use leftover material from your project to build a dog house, make coasters or cheese boards, or donate to a local charity or community center. 

Rethink: consider each decision you make carefully and how it will impact your quality of life.  Materials laden with chemicals, poorly constructed furniture, and wasted resources are costly to your health and your pocketbook. 

Don’t be left at the station…